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Red Tide Observation

The science station is a contributing partner in Harmful Algal Bloom Observation with the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observation System (GCOOS).

Using our harmful algal bloom microscope, or "HAB-scope", we are able to upload videos of water samples from the Gulf. The videos are then analyzed by an artificial intelligence computer program to identify the particular algae that cause events like red tide.

One of the common diatoms in the Gulf that causes algal blooms


What is "red tide"?

Red tide is a type of harmful algal bloom that

occurs in coastal areas around the world. The

name derives from the red tint of the

water that occurs when there is an abundance

of algae. However, red tides can occur

without the tell-tale red coloration and thus

"harmful algal bloom" is a more accurate term.

Why does it matter?

Harmful algal blooms can cause death in various marine animals, such as fish, dolphins, and manatees. Even humans can be affected by red tide due to toxins being released in the air, causing breathing problems.

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more at under the Red Tide Respiratory Forecast Team.

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