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Award-Winning Staff

Charlene Mauro-Director

Charlene Mauro is the Director of the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station. Through Pensacola State College, she teaches Marine Biology and Oceanography to area dual enrollment students who in turn educate young children that attend programs on site. In addition to serving as the Director of the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station, she serves as the first ever Science Specialist for the Santa Rosa County School District. Mrs. Mauro has successfully written grants to completely transform a vacant ranger station into a fully functional science field station.  Knowing the immense positive impact that scientific research and teacher professional


national levels. Past honors include National Marine Educator of the Year, Outstanding Florida High School Science Teacher of the Year, University of Florida Distinguished Educator, EPA’s Presidential Award, Gulf Guardian Award, Navarre area Citizen of the Year, University of West Florida Outstanding Young Alumnus, 2016 Johnette D. Bosarge Memorial Award, and a finalist for Florida Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Mauro serves as a mentor for the UWF-Teach program and UWF STEM Scholars. is an active member in professional and community groups including the Gulf Coast Ocean Observation Systems (GCOOS), National Marine Educators Association, National Science Teachers Association, and Rotary. By example, Charlene encourages her students to find their passion, seek opportunities, make a difference, and always continue to learn.

development has made on her career, Mrs. Mauro makes at least two professional presentations annually at local, state, and


Anne Laurenzi - Water Quality Coordinator

Anne Laurenzi has been a Florida science teacher for over 10 years and was an Escambia County Teacher of the Year in 2018. A New York native, she has lived in Florida for much of her life. She has her Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a chemistry minor from Simmons University in Boston, MA and a Master of Science degree in Ecology from the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL. Her graduate coursework and research focused on global climate change and long-term human environmental impact and took her to biodiversity hotspots such as the Andes mountains in Peru and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

In addition to traditional classroom teaching, she has educated students in marine science in the Bahamas and in rainforest ecology in Costa Rica eco-educational programs. With a passion for conserving the environment, she feels she can have the most positive impact on the world through education. She especially enjoys teaching students in natural settings "where their textbooks come alive." "There is simply no substitute for teaching students about the environment than out in nature," she says. Through environmental outreach and education, she desires to inspire others to make positive, ecologically-minded changes in their lives. Her mission is to create the next generation of environmental stewards and problem-solvers that will find solutions to our most pressing environmental problems.

Support Staff

"Kayak Dave" Barker - The ULTIMATE Kayak Guide

"Kayak Dave" Barker has been a Station supporter since its earliest days in 2009. After seeing Charlene Mauro's enthusiasm in getting the Station started, he offered to do what he could to help make it successful - and he has been doing that ever since! Recognizing the value of his own personal educational experiences, he especially loves "the skills and knowledge the students gain by being instructors" to elementary school students on their field trips to the NBMSS. Needless to say, Kayak Dave is integral in maintaining one of the most memorable activities at the Station - kayaking! 

Kayak Dave returned to Navarre in 1997 after working in a sewing factory for 14 years to pursue all-things-kayak. As a kayak ecotour guide and business owner for 20+ years, an Associate Instructor for the Florida Master Naturalist Program, and water quality analyst/volunteer for Water Watch, Dave shares a wealth of knowledge of our local environment with our students and attendees of our programs. He is also a volunteer for Santa Rosa Marine Extension, Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center, and Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary. Dave is also able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!


Emily Bagley- Outreach Coordinator

It was during Emily's senior year at Navarre High School that the NBMSS opened. In fact, she and some of her fellow classmates helped make it happen by petitioning for the repurposing of the old ranger station in Navarre Beach Marine Park to be made into a classroom by the sea at a Board of County Commisioners meeting - and look what it has become over 10 years later! Emily has been involved with the Station ever since, starting out volunteering, then working summer camps, and now as the Outreach Coordinator. She says "I love the whole vibe of the place. You are instantly welcomed - all the students, staff, and volunteers are beaming with friendly attitudes. They are so keen to share everything that they have learned with you. It's one of those places that makes you feel comfortable no matter your level of science studies. The power of a love for a shared interest is the best feeling in the whole world." 

Emily loves sharing the marine science knowledge she has gained through her time at the NBMSS with others. She is passionate about helping people understand, rather than fear, the ocean. She loves the look on their faces when nervousness changes to wonder as she teaches them something new or they interact with a "scary" organism for the first time. "You learn so much and then want to share what you have learned, and to me that is the best thing you can teach," she says. She also educates people on practical things they can do to make a difference. She explains that visitors often ask what they can do to help, and "I respond by telling [them] to take more than what they brought to the beach. Take all the trash from the things you brought to the beach and pick up the extra trash." These are simple actions that Emily also teaches her two young children. It's a great example of how small habits can have a huge collective impact our marine environment.

Award-Winning Summer Camp Lead Teachers

Danna Chatwell, Grades 6-8

Outdoors and animals have always been a fascination to Danna Chatwell - studying every detail from why it moves like it does to how it acquires its food. Danna graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Elementary Education 1-6, General Specialist Education K-12, and received a Master of Education in Science 1-9. Of all of the grades she has taught, 7th grade has been her favorite. 

Danna came to Woodlawn Beach Middle School seven years ago and loves every minute teaching science. Going to work is not only a joy but also her hobby. When the NBMSS opened its doors, another dream came true: to spend the summers working outdoors learning about the wonderful place we live and the wildlife that surrounds us. Not only does she enjoy working near the Gulf of Mexico, but she also LOVES surfing it! Sitting on the outside waiting for a wave and watching the wildlife pass underneath completes her love for science.


Emily Simon, Grades K-2

Emily Simon is a kindergarten teacher at West Navarre Primary School. She attended North Carolina Wesleyan College and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with a certification in Education K-6. Emily is a member of the Florida Marine Science Educator Association and the Florida Geographic Alliance. She was Santa Rosa County Rookie of the Year in 2013 and was awarded West Navarre Primary's 2017 Teacher of the Year.

She was born in Milton and raised in Fort Walton Beach. Her parents and grandparents instilled the love of our local waters and the importance of taking care of it while enjoying it. Emily has been married to Rob Simon for over 20 years and they have three children, Bobby, Emma, and Elijah. In her spare time, Emily enjoys paddle boarding and hiking.

Ginni Rushing, Grades K-5

Ginni Rushing attended the University of Florida where she received her Master's degree in Elementary Education (K-6) and specialized in Early Childhood and Psychology. She is a S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) third-grade lead teacher at Holley-Navarre Intermediate School, where she was honored as 2020 Teacher of the Year. 

As a 25-year veteran teacher, she creates an environment where creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking are key. Having grown up as the daughter of a Coast Guard Commander, she has always lived near the coast and has a passion for all marine life. In her spare time, she enjoys snorkeling around Navarre Beach reefs, kayaking, paddle boarding, and surfing.


Shelly Mann, Grades K-5

During the school year, award-winning teacher and Santa Rosa County leader in education, Shelley Mann teaches 7th Grade Career & Technical Education at Woodlawn Beach Middle School. Shelley has been involved with the Station since its earliest days by going on field trips, overnight trips, teaching summer camp, and volunteering - she does it all!

Shelley fully embraces the mission of the NBMSS and loves "assisting the rock star students" in educating visitors about conserving our marine environment. With a daughter and granddaughter who live on Maui, marine debris is a topic that she is especially passionate about. Spending her summers teaching future generations about environmental awareness allows her to make a positive impact on this important issue. Shelley wants visitors to the Station to "fall in love with any tiny piece of the sea - the coast, the wildlife, the science - just one thing." By sharing in Shelley's enthusiasm for all-things-ocean, this would be easy to do!


When he's not giving kids unforgettable fishing experiences during the summer or entertaining local audiences with his mad bass guitar-playing skills, science teacher extraordinaire, Casey Fearon, can be found wowing his 8th graders in his Gulf Breeze Middle School classroom. As Santa Rosa County's 2008 Rookie of the Year, Casey's passion and enthusiasm for science education has been evident from the start of his career. As the husband of NBMSS Director, Charlene Mauro, Casey has been an integral part of the Station even before it opened!

Camping, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving have always been part of Casey's life. These activities, as well as a natural curiosity about how the world works, fostered in him a love of science and appreciation for the environment at an early age. What he loves most about the NBMSS is "seeing the 'light bulb moments' of kids as they gain understanding and a sense of stewardship for our environment." He also "enjoy[s] seeing the shouts of 

Casey Fearon-FYCCN/Guy Harvey Fishing Camp

excitement when students see plankton under the microscope as they realize how much life is all around us in the Gulf."

Casey is passionate about scientific literacy and believes that everyone should spend time outdoors learning about every ecosystem they can. he says "I hope people will understand how truly connected and interwoven all the ecosystems of our planet are. Once you get a grasp on that, you realize that EVERYTHING matters."

Glenn Rutland

Glenn Rutland was in the classroom for 33 years. During that time she taught Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, Life Science, and gifted learners in Middle and Elementary schools in Georgia and Florida. She retired from Santa Rosa County School District in 2014. Glenn  was a finalist for the NASA astronaut Teacher in Space program in 2004   As a result of this accomplishment she is a member of NASA/NEAT (Network of Educator Astronaut Teachers ) Glenn was also a teacher coach for the ZERO-G flights and a Stephen Hawking Fellow

Rothschild Middle School Teacher of The Year, Holley-Navarre Intermediate Teacher of the Year, Air Force Association State of Florida Aerospace Teacher of The Year, Civil Air Patrol SE Regional Teacher of The Year and Wilmington College Educator Alumni Award are just a few of the accolades that Glenn has received during her teaching career.

Student Superstars

Mackenzie Clifton 

After watching the Dolphin Tale movie for the first time at the age of five, Mackenzie knew she wanted to be a marine biologist. She has attended camps at Clearwater Marine Aquarium and at the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station. When she discovered that the summer camp counselors were high school students and that they were learning and teaching marine biology, she knew she wanted to pursue what the students were doing. Mackenzie and her family packed up their house in Alabama and moved to Navarre, so she would have more opportunities around the water. Last year, she became a student at the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station. Mackenzie’s passion is teaching children about marine biology and volunteering at local events to educate the community about our surrounding waterways. Early last year, she was chosen for the Dive Team at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Mackenzie was able to put on the CMA wetsuit and dive in the tanks where Winter, the dolphin, had lived. She also attended an intensive Marine Science training program at Eckerd College this past summer and was in the Junior Educator program at MOTE Marine Laboratory. As Mackenzie continues to learn and grow her love for the ocean and everything in it, her goal is to inspire the next generation of young marine biologists. 

IMG_7620 2_edited.jpg

Hayden Hall

Hayden has been an avid fisherman of Navarre since he was two. He enjoys spending his time outdoors fishing, diving, hunting, and jet skiing. Being around the area for the majority of his life, Hayden wants to explore and preserve the diverse fisheries in the Gulf Coast. Whether that be watching redfish in the bay or offshore catching snapper and jacks, he would like to share the importance of our local fisheries with others. Hayden wants to be someone who shows kids what the ocean can give them and share activities that can bring them joy. He looks forward to another great year at the station, teaching kids, and learning more about the vast ocean and the species within his local environment.  

Kevin Sevilla 

Kevin moved to Navarre in 2015 and has since enjoyed the area and its people. His sophomore year he took environmental science which introduced him to the program. His junior year, Kevin had the opportunity to take Marine Biology and Oceanography at the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station and had an amazing experience. He learned many facts about his surrounding environment and was able to fish for the first time. Now, he’s looking forward to returning this year as a second year at the Station. After high school, Kevin plans to go to UWF.


Ivana Diaz-Santiago

Ivana is a senior at Navarre High School and is excited to be back at the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station as a second year. Since she was little, she has always loved working with animals and wanted to be a veterinarian. When she first moved to Navarre in the Fall of 2017, she knew nothing about our local environment and marine life. After taking marine science at the high school, she was told by the teacher that she needed to take the dual enrollment program, she was nervous but thrilled to take on the challenge. Now she enjoys the experience of educating the community about the importance of our oceans and marine life. Ivana hopes to inspire future generations of conversationists and marine scientists. At the station she will continue helping our director, other students, and work on the ongoing projects that the station takes part in. After high school, Ivana hopes to attend a university in Florida to pursue sciences.  

JT Peoples

JT has always been fascinated with marine life and the ocean environment. He has designed science experiments for local science fairs which have taken him to state competitions. He set his sights on becoming a part of the Station after talking with marine biologists and the Guy Harvey fishing camps that were held at the Science Station. As a second year, he is excited to continue ongoing research projects and further the study on the local marine environment. He wants to aid the scientific community in their understanding of estuaries. After high school, JT plans to continue his studies in marine biology while perusing his love for spearfishing and diving.  

Awesome Volunteer Staff

Katie Bray

Katie Bray was born and raised in Navarre, where her adolescent adventures were always beach related. She did not realize how the water would impact her life until she attended the NBMSS class her senior year. She taught people of all ages and loved the positive impact she had on her community through the program. After that, her spark of interest in marine biology and the great outdoors inspired her to pursue a Bachelor's degree in biology at the University of West Florida. During her years in school, she researched plant ecology and the microbial ecology of the Gulf of Mexico.

  Although ocean and marine conservation is one of her passions, her first passion is people. After Graduating in 2021, Katie became a coordinator with the Okaloosa County Tourism Department, where she focuses on getting kids out on the water. Combining her passion for people and marine conservation, Katie shares her love for the water and inspires others. She continually helps NBMSS, volunteering to teach for summer camps and outreach events.


Tucker Reynolds

The NBMSS has played a role in Tucker's life for many years. As a kid, he attended numerous summer camps at the Station and developed a passion for the ocean and marine life. In 2016, when he was a junior at Navarre High School, Tucker had the opportunity to attend classes at the Station. He credits that experience with igniting his desire to become a marine biologist and is a recent graduate of the University of West Florida's marine biology program. 

He is most passionate about sustainable fishing, conserving and maintaining fish populations, as they play a crucial role in the food chain. In addition to being a mentor for current high school students at the Station, he teaches the Guy Harvey Fishing Camp during the summer. Working at the Station allows him to share his love of fishing and the outdoors with others. He wants visitors to the Station to "recognize how important and fragile our coastal environments are and that we need to preserve and maintain them for the future." 

Nick Meyer

Nick is an avid fisherman who enjoys bay, and inshore fishing the most. He also enjoys scuba diving, and plans to get his advanced certification. Nick is currently attending Pensacola State College to attain his welding certificate, then he plans to go into commercial fishing; then proceed to charter fishing out of destin.


Cade Rice

Cade is a lifetime local that has a passion for fishing, preserving our marine ecosystem, and educating others about our marine environment and why it is so important. The Navarre Beach Marine Science Station is Cade’s second home where he has developed his passions and created new ones. Cade has been involved in various projects from Red Tide Sampling to Micro-plastics, however he started our very own Hydroponic System the uses fish and plants in a symbiotic relationship. He has continued his education to study Marine Sciences at Pensacola State College to then transfer to the University of South Alabama. Cade continues to volunteer at the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station in hopes to inspire the next generation of Marine Scientists.

Sam Palmer

Sam is a student at Eckard College in South Florida, pursuing his passion in marine science. Whether Sam is diving or fishing, he is always in the water looking for fish. From a young age, Sam has had a passion for being out on the water. It's grown so much that he even shared his passion with the children working at the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station


Matthew Barrs

Matthew is a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Central Florida. Matthew loves exploring the ocean any way he can through diving, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. He loves sharing his passion for Marine Science through education, hoping to light a spark for conversation. In his time at the station, he was part of the International competing Burrfish SeaPerch ROV Team. He continues to be involved with the Aquatic Care Team and other projects. When he is at the station, he helps take care of animals, fix things, and help any way he can. 

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