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How to Become a Student

Welcome to the science station! We're thrilled that you're interested in becoming a student at the station!

  • Pass the PERT test, allowing students to participate in Dual Enrollment classes

  • Be a high school junior or senior in a Santa Rosa county high school

  • Discuss entering the program with your high school counselor.

    • Registration must be done through your high school, not PSC

  • Fill out the preliminary form below

Steps to be a Student
  • What is the station?

    • A local classroom on Navarre Beach for Santa Rosa high schoolers. The station also provides field trips for local elementary school students​

  • Is the station one class period?

    • The station takes two class periods. Either 1st/2nd period or 3rd/4th period.

    • Class times are typically from 9:15am-10:45am for 1st/2nd period and 11:15-12:45pm for 3rd/4th period.​

  • Is class twice a week?

    • No, class is daily at the station, just like a high school class.​

  • Is transportation provided to the station?​​

    • No, all students are responsible for their transportation to and from the station​. However, many students carpool to and from Navarre High School, reach out to us if you are interested in the class but have transportation concerns.

  • Can I take just one semester at the station?​​

    • No, the station is a year long commitment. Students will take both Marine Biology and Oceanography.​

  • What college is the dual enrollment earned through?

    • Pensacola State College

  • How many credits do you get from taking class at the station?

    • Students earn 3 credits in OCB2000, and 1 credit in OCB2000L during the fall and 3 credits in OCE1001, and 1 credit in OCE1001L during the spring.

Student FAQ

The station is not your typical classroom!

We get into the field, get wet, get messy, and have a blast with the ocean as our classroom!

Our students facilitate field trips for local elementary schools, but don't worry! Every student, outgoing or shy, always succeeds at teaching field trips. We give them the confidence to teach children and adults!

Our students participate in many events throughout the Panhandle, from special needs events to SeaPerch ROV competitions.

We want students who are passionate about the ocean and want to make a difference in their community!

We love students who want to be involved and go above and beyond!

Student Expectations
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