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Dive into learning with our virtual videos!

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Pokémon Pals and Marine Animals:
Gotta Catch 'Em All

Join us as we discuss the real life sea creatures that inspired the Pokémon you have on your team. From ghost corsolas to coral reefs and fossilized Pokémon to anicent fish, there's science behind the game.

Fiddler Crab-a-palooza

Join us in the sand and salt at St. Andrews State Park as we hang out with the local crab community and give you some fast facts about these cute little creatures.

Mindful Microplastics

Learn from our youngest scientist about the who, what, when, where, and why on microplastics! Follow along as we make a microplastic craft together and learn about how to be the sea-lution!

The Problem with Pollution

A classic station we teach at the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station, tune in for a lesson on how trash ends up in the ocean and how our local watershed works to carry rainwater. 

Pokémon Pals and Marine Animals:

Dive in for a second look at Pokémon and the oceanic anomalies that inspired them. With Clauncher whose Pokémon power pales in comparison to it's real life counterpart and deep sea creatures harder to catch then the Pokémon they inspired, there's always more to explore under the sea and in your Pokédex.

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